Mr. Rohit Mann

Mr Rohit Mann is an Indian entrepreneur and a business magnate. He is the director of the Clarens Hotel; an educationist, and an early-stage investor and philanthropist. He is also the brains behind establishing LR Energy, India’s leading generator of renewable energy.

Graduate in Business and Management from The University of Exeter, United Kingdom, Rohit Mann has a keen sense of understanding and expertise in the financial markets. Having worked at various decision-making positions, he is a qualified director with experience in overseeing the daily activities of large corporations.

An excellent communicator who takes into account every person’s point of view in the room, Mr Mann has a credible voice that echoes across the financial chambers of the country. A strategist, an educationist, and an entrepreneur, his strength lies in building a strong foundation of service-related organizations.

Using his inestimable knowledge, and experience of over 10 years in the renewable energy sector, Mr Rohit Mann was motivated to establish LR Energy.

One of the first ventures in the field of Solar Solutions, LR Energy has ambitious plans to be a leader in the solar energy space nationally and internationally. Within a short span of two years since its inception, the company has completed two mega projects in the state of Haryana. With a vision to catapult the commercialization of renewable energy sources, including reduction of fossil fuels dependency and air toxics, Mr Rohit Mann has been the guiding force behind the company. Aiming to contribute to the nation's economic development organically, the company under Mr Mann's motivation plans to promote the development and expansion of compressed biogas manufacturing. This the company believes can be done by finding methods to make use of biobased products such as crops, urban waste residue, industrial waste, and manure.

In August 2021, LR Energy signed its first commercial agreement for the production and supply of compressed biogas with the Indian Oil Corporation. The agreement, signed under the SATAT scheme to promote CBG as an alternative, green transport fuel for structured management of biomass and organic waste will be located at Karnal, Haryana. Once completed, the project will have a production capacity of producing 5000 Kg of compressed Biogas daily.

The brainchild of Mr Rohit Mann along with Mr Gurjit Singh Barara (ED & CEO-LR Energy), this is LR Energy’s second commercial agreement with an Oil Marketing Company in India. The project will promote the efficient use of cleaner natural gas. It will also provide people with an alternative option of fossil fuel, coal and diesel.

Zeal to constantly challenge the status quo and looking for new opportunities across multiple platforms is what makes Rohit Mann one of the most sought after entrepreneurs in the country. His approach to investing in the renewable sector is opening a multitude of opportunities for budding business models. The efforts put in place by his company LR Energy has also helped create hundreds of jobs in the sector. Mr Mann believes that as more and more people will contribute to the growth of renewable energy, it will help create the momentum necessary to push reforms in the right direction.

At present, the company is aggressively camping to build an environment for large scale PV (photovoltaic) systems. Once achieved, PV systems will be able to provide a cost-effective power supply to the farthest places in the nation. This will help lower the pressure on discoms and also promote the transportation of electricity through conventional power lines. Not only does the PV system last longer, but it also produces electricity free of pollution.

His venture into the renewable energy sector and education have today emerged as one of the state’s landmark companies with global acclamation. Mr Rohit Mann strongly believes in working towards a sustainable environment.

When not developed by ideas to create a sustainable future, Mr Rohit Mann exceedingly performs his duties as the director of Clarens Hotel in Gurugram. Considered as one of the crown jewels of the city's hospitality ambience, the Clarens hotel is an epitome of luxury, class and panache.

As director of the hotel, Mr Mann has left no stone unturned to offer a perfect destination to spend and have a good time with your family and friends. Besides the exquisite service, the much talked about rooftop bar is once in a lifetime experience. A 360-degree view of the city’s skyline, beautiful sunset and International DJs, make the hotel a perfect getaway evening. The hotel also provides various services such as lodging, event planning, wellness centre and restaurants and bars.

Venturing into the hospitality sector has been a very kind experience for Mr Rohit Mann. His passion to deliver world-class fascinating experiences at a cost-effective model is the backbone of Clarens Hotel.

A keen eye for detail and a strong ability to solve complex company problems using excellent problem-solving skills is what makes Mr Mann raise Clarens Hotel within such a small period. His rigour and application truly demonstrate his knowledge about the intricacies of the hospitality industry. Many regard Mr Mann as the most carefully watched upcoming hotelier of our times.

The educator inside him has a deep concern for the young talent of the nation. He believes that the youth of this country has huge untapped potential that can only be polished by a robust education system. The primary job of education is to facilitate learning, acquisition of knowledge and improve application skills, Mr Mann believes that this can only be achieved by deploying modern methods. Smart Classroom to personality development exercise, he believes the role of schools should be not only focused on cognitive but application knowledge as well. In this regard, Mr Mann has extensively invested in various educational programmes.

Being on the board of a reputed international school in Gurgaon to contribute to the learning centres both online and offline, Mr Mann has been a vocal guardian of securing children's future.

Banking on the wealth of knowledge, experience and distinguished vision, Mr Rohit Mann is on road to achieve his dream of cultivating business models that are not only financially viable but sustainable as well.